montenegrocult_upoznaj_anim The most important project of our NGO is creation of the online portal for Montenegrin culture and heritage, called “Montenegrina”. It is the one and only web site about culture and arts in Montenegro. This cultural portal includes digital library of Montenegrin culture and heritage but also an online magazine which is focused on modern cultural scene, problems in culture and heritage preservation, promotion of young and prospective artists etc. The whole project became an online gate to culture of Montenegro and now includes many instutions and organisations who are dealing with maintenance and promotion of Montenegrin cultural heritage. This is connecting point for everything related to culture, arts, tradition and heritage in Montenegro. Visit the web site for more info is a project dedicated to the cultural heritage, traditions and cultural tourism of Budva. Budva is a 2.500 years old settlement on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. Old name of Budva was Butua. To view this web site and learn more about culture and cultural tourism of Budva, please visit

open montenegro new logoThis project started in 2011, with the clear aim to bring the real Europe closer to the citizens of Montenegro. The ‘real Europe’ in the sense of presenting and explaining the best ideas, solutions and real life experiences from different European cities, regions and states. This will give a chance to citizens and organizations from Montenegro to see the consequences of Europe in daily life of Europeans, and to provoke them to think about applying similar or new solutions in Montenegro as well. The project also aims to foster cooperation between citizens of Montenegro and Europe in various fields, from civic to business sector. Since our members are located in various European states, they are willing to help and search for cooperation possibilities that would give Montenegrin citizens and organizations more possibilities to achieve their goals. Lastly, this project serves as a platform for informal civil society to take part in EU – Montenegro issues and have its voice heard. Grassroots citizen movements and initiatives are very active in Monteegro and yet their say in EU-related subjects is not clear nor heard properly. The idea of Open Montenegro platform is to engage the unengaged and become a citizen-based observer of EU – Montenegro progress.   Visit the web site…

markica_sajta_servis_aThis project was developed with the aim to help numerous citizens and small businesses who offer various services, but are unable to show their offer online. It is meant to be a directory of services that are offered in Montenegro, and it provides a free advertising space for all citizens and small businesses to present ther activities online. Visit the web site:

ecomontenegro_markicaOne of our projects was creation of the first ecological portal of Montenegro. We worked on connecting all existing information about eco tourism and sustainable development of Montenegro. The platform offered a free presentation on our web site for all interested organizations, institutions and citizens who work in the fields of ecology, environmental protection, eco-tourism and healthy eco food production. Unfortunately, this project had to be stopped due to lack of financial resources. The web site was located at but is not any more functional.

We helped following non-profit organizations and institutions to present them online for free:

Budvanska klapa “Harmonija”

Muzička škola – Budva

Nevladino udruženje “Civil Alternative”

Udruženje filmskih stvaralaca CG